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Political Action Committees

Political Action Committees

Each year, hundreds of laws, rules and regulations that affect the bottom line of businesses in the Detroit region are adopted by state and local units. The Detroit Regional Chamber Political Action Committee (PAC) weighs in on these policies and interviews and endorses candidates with pro-business agendas running for local, state and federal legislative offices.

The Detroit Regional Chamber’s PACs

The Chamber has established the following PACs to reach all levels of government and all levels of the political process:

  1. Detroit Regional Chamber PAC – for state campaigns
  2. Detroit Regional Chamber PAC II – for ballot initiatives
  3. Detroit Regional Chamber FedPAC – for federal campaigns

Both the Chamber’s state PAC and FedPAC are geared toward the promotion of candidates and can only accept contributions from individuals.

The PAC II is geared toward issues instead of candidates. Such campaigns cannot call for the election or defeat of a candidate, but may call for the passage or defeat of a particular issue. In addition, corporations may also make direct contributions to the Chamber for issue advocacy campaigns.

The Detroit Regional Chamber’s PAC now accepts online donations.

Detroit Regional Chamber PAC

  • The Chamber PAC endorses candidates for state and local office.
  • The Chamber PAC endorsement continues to be one of the most sought after endorsements in the state for policymakers in both parties.
  • Recent highlights include the Chamber endorsing Gov. Rick Snyder in the Republican primary (the only organization to do so), endorsement of all the key regional leaders and electing over 85 percent of endorsed candidates to the State Legislature in 2010.

Detroit Regional Chamber PAC II

  • Detroit Regional Chamber PAC II is the Chamber’s ballot committee which advocates for or against constitutional amendments or other ballot initiatives.
  • Recent highlights include the defeat of  an effort to call a constitutional convention and passage of the Detroit Institute of Art millage.
  • PAC II is opposing all constitutional amendments on the 2012 ballot and supporting the retention of Public Act 4 (emergency manager law).

Detroit Regional Chamber FedPAC

  • The FedPAC supports candidates for federal office.
  • In 2010, the FedPAC supported the majority of the victors in Michigan’s congressional delegation including Chairmen Dave Camp and Fred Upton, and Congressmen John Dingell and Gary Peters.

  • Brad
  • Williams
  • Vice President, Government Relations

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