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Top 10 Reasons Why Michigan is Auto Mobility

MICHauto Auto Industry Career Perception Survey

MICHauto Executive Summary: The Automotive Industry as a Career Opportunity

Michigan: Global Center of Mobility (Updated Sept. 2016)

Michigan Is Auto Report (Updated Sept. 2015)

Michigan Is Auto Mobility Report (Updated 2017)

MICHauto Impact (Updated Dec. 2016)

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Deloitte & Touche LLP

Global Automotive Study Overview – Fall 2013


Angott Search Group

Automotive Talent Newsletter- Fall 2012

Automotive Talent Newsletter- Winter 2012

Business Leaders for Michigan

Michigan Turnaround Plan Business Leaders for Michigan identifies automotive industry as one of six assets to grow a New Michigan

Michigan – Global Center of Mobility McKinsey & Co. analysis on future of automotive industry.


Dykema Gossett PLLC

State of the Automotive Industry 2012 Automotive Institute Survey Results


Global Automotive Executive Survey 2012
Managing Growth While Navigating Uncharted Routes

Moving Parts – Issue 3 (January 2012)
Maximizing Supply Chain Performance


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Auto Analyst Note – March 2017
Venezuela: How low can you go?

Auto Analyst Note – February 2017
Australia: So Long, Down Under

Auto Analyst Note – January 2017 
Automotive Markets Cool Down

Auto Analyst Note – December 2016
India: Cash Freeze Before the Big Bang?

Auto Analyst Note – November 2016
By 2030, every third new registered car in the EU could be an electric car

Auto Analyst Note – October 2016
South Africa: Africa’s export hub

Auto Analyst Note – September 2016
China: An Alternative Future

Auto Analyst Note – August 2016
Brazil: Not all fun and games

Autofacts Analyst Note – May 2016
Japan: Contingency planning

Autofacts Analyst Note – April 2016
China: At a turning point

Autofacts Analyst Note – March 2016
India: Getting tough on emissions

Autofacts Analyst Note – February 2016
Brazil: Anatomy of a breakdown

Autofacts Analyst Note – January 2016
Eurpoe: Electrification and beyond

Autofacts Analyst Note – December 2015
US:Terms and conditions

Autofacts Analyst Note – November 2015
Global Market Update

Autofacts Analyst Note – October 2015
Iran: The next frontier?

Autofacts Analyst Note – September 2015
China coming down

Autofacts Analyst Note – August 2015
Breaking down the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Autofacts Analyst Note – July 2015
Brazi: Sitting idly by

Autofacts Analyst Note – June 2015
US: The (growing) lap of luxury

Autofacts Analyst Note – April 2015 
City Tier Analysis of Light Vehicles in China

Autofacts Analyst Note – March 2015
The oil conundrum

Autofacts Analyst Note – February 2015
What goes up, must come down?

Autofacts Analyst Note – January 2015
Strong growth gets stronger

Autofacts Analyst Note – December 2014
China: The emergence of auto finance

Autofacts Analyst Note – November 2014
Europe: the great electric hype

Autofacts Analyst Note – October 2014
In need of a jumpstart…

Autofacts Analyst Note – September 2014
Assembly localization driving positive outlook

Autofacts Analyst Note – August 2014
North America Supply Chain Performance

Autofacts Analyst Note – July 2014
What’s all the fuss about?

Autofacts Analyst Note- June 2014
Markets could recover more quickly than expected

Autofacts Analyst Note- May 2014
Surging sales of premium brands

Autofacts Analyst Note- April 2014
A stumble may prevent a fall

Autofacts Analyst Note- March 2014
Advanced drivetrains are fueling driver safety and experience

Autofacts Analyst Note- February 2014
License limits are aimed at curbing city congestion

Autofacts Analyst Note- January 2014
A happy new year for the industry

Autofacts Analyst Note- December 2013
Change is inevitable amidst global urbanization

Autofacts Analyst Note- November 2013
Stimulus measures aim to jump start the market

Autofacts Analyst Note- October 2013
Industry poised to end year on a good note

Autofacts Analyst Note- September 2013
A look at conflict minerals within the auto industry

Autofacts Analyst Note- August 2013
Social Media and the car buying experience

Autofacts Analyst Note- July 2013
Slow go in 2013 as the industry looks ahead

Autofacts Analyst Note- June 2013
Car Jacking and Car Hacking

Autofacts Analyst Note- May 2013
EU+ EFTA: Light at the end of the tunnel ?

Autofacts Analyst Note- April 2013
Distinct regional trends driving topline

Autofacts Analyst Note- March 2013
US: Does Diesel have staying power?

Autofacts Analyst Note- February 2013
Look Mom, No Hands!

Autofacts Analyst Note- January 2013
Quarterly Update: 2013 Outlook

Autofacts Analyst Note- December 2012
The Fiscal Cliff & the Auto Industry

Autofacts Analyst Note- November 2012
China: The Impact of the Island Dispute

Autofacts Analyst Note – October 2012
Quarterly Update: One step forward, two steps back

Autofacts Analyst Note- September 2012
US:The Return of Automotive Financing

Autofacts Analyst Note-August 2012
Japan: Seeking a Sustainable Future

Autofacts Analyst Note – April 2012
Quarterly Update:Day of reckoning for Europe’s auto sector?

Autofacts Analyst Note – March 2012

Autofacts Analyst Note – February 2012
India: The Effects of Fuel Subsidies

15th Annual Global CEO Survey: Sector Summary
Key findings in the Automotive Industry


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    • Executive Director, MICHauto and Vice President, Automotive & Mobility Initiatives
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    • Glenn
    • Stevens
    • Executive Director, MICHauto and Vice President, Automotive & Mobility Initiatives
    • 313.596.0323
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