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Regional Detroit Largest and Fastest Growing Communities

The Detroit region is home to more than 275 municipalities. Four of those communities have populations greater than 100,000 people. The city of Detroit is the largest community followed by Warren and Sterling Heights in Macomb County. Ann Arbor, home of the University of Michigan, is the region’s 4th largest community.

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County/Area200020102013 Est.% Change 2010-2013
Ann Arbor MSA/Washtenaw County322,895344,791351,3451.9%
Detroit-Warren-Livonia MSA4,452,5574,296,2594,291,790-0.1%
Flint MSA/Genesee County436,161425,790418,306-1.8%
Monroe MSA/Monroe County145,945152,201150,944-0.7%
Lapeer County87,90488,31988,226-0.1%
Lenawee County/Adrian Micropolitan Area98,89099,89299,211-0.7%
Livingston County156,951180,967183,3091.3%
Macomb County788,149840,987848,4550.9%
Oakland County1,194,1561,202,3621,221,1031.6%
St. Clair County164,235163,040160,878-1.3%
Shiawassee County71,68770,64869,400-1.8%
Wayne County2,061,1621,820,5841,789,819-1.8%
City of Detroit951,270713,445696,922-2.3%
Source: U.S. Census Bureau. 3 year estimates.
Note: Prior to 2004, Monroe County was part of Detroit MSA, Livingston and Lenawee Counties were part of the Ann Arbor MSA

Population by Age, 2013

County/Area19 & under20-3435-4445-6465 & overPopulation
Ann Arbor MSA/Washtenaw County26%26%12%25%11%348,560
Detroit-Warren-Livonia MSA27%18%14%28%14%4,295,700
Flint MSA/Genesee County27%18%13%28%14%421,575
Monroe MSA/Monroe County26%26%12%25%11%151,408
Lapeer County26%15%13%32%14%88,323
Lenawee County26%18%13%29%15%99,505
Livingston County27%15%14%31%13%182,402
Macomb County25%18%14%29%15%845,197
Oakland County25%18%14%30%14%1,213,406
Shiawassee County26%17%13%30%15%69,910
St. Clair County26%16%13%30%15%161,865
Wayne County28%19%13%27%13%1,804,507
Source: American Community Survey, 2009-2013 5-Year Estimates

Population by Race, 2013

County/AreaWhiteBlackAmerican Indian/ Alaskan NativeAsianSome other RaceTwo or more racesHispanicNative Hawaiian /Other Pacific Islander
Ann Arbor MSA/Washtenaw County259,87842,4001,04327,8582,98014,39414,5327
Detroit-Warren-Dearborn MSA3,019,858971,84012,715150,11445,87794,413171,520883
Flint MSA/Genesee County315,03286,0032,0323,9311,86412,59813,086115
Monroe MSA/Monroe County143,3223,43458689284016,6204,7891
Lapeer County84,7919482492976521,3753,74711
Lenawee County92,4012,4556723571,3682,2337,58519
Livingston County176,3767904721,6024042,6663,67692
Macomb County715,36078,9522,17927,4234,44116,62019,720222
Oakland County936,853165,6523,08871,1437,86928,53443,264267
St. Clair County152,0283,7933318261,0423,8334,79912
Shiawassee County67,9073872852501089511,75622
Wayne County954,450721,7056,39648,82331,46941,68596,314279
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 5-year estimate.
Note: Persons of Hispanic origin can be of any race

Population by Sex, 2013

County/AreaMale% of totalFemale% of totalPopulation
Ann Arbor MSA/Washtenaw County171,99349%176,56751%348,560
Detroit-Warren-Livonia MSA2,082,70948%2,212,99152%4,295,700
Flint MSA/Genesee County203,24048%218,33552%421,575
Monroe MSA/Monroe County74,60449%76,80451%151,408
Lapeer County44,44850%43,87550%88,323
Lenawee County50,29751%49,20849%99,505
Livingston County91,09950%91,30350%182,402
Macomb County410,90749%434,29051%845,197
Oakland County588,78949%624,61751%1,213,406
Shiawassee County34,54449%35,36651%69,910
St. Clair County80,16050%81,70550%161,865
Wayne County867,30648%937,20152%1,804,507
Source: American Community Survey, 2009-2013 5-Year Estimates

20 Largest Communities, 2010

CommunityCounty2010 Population
Sterling HeightsMacomb129,699
Ann ArborWashtenaw113,934
Farmington HillsOakland79,740
Rochester HillsOakland70,995
St. Clair ShoresMacomb59,715
Dearborn HeightsWayne57,774
Royal OakOakland57,236
Lincoln ParkWayne38,144
Source: Southeast Michigan Council of Governments

10 Fastest-Growing Communities by Population, 2010-2014

Home Builders Association of Southeastern Michigan reported that 5,913 new single-family home permits were issued across the region in 2014, down from 6,504 permits in 2013, although still up from 4,538 in 2012. Oakland County saw the most new permits at 2,270 (down 9%), followed by Macomb County at 1,696 (flat) and Washtenaw County at 1,069 (up 19%).

CommunityCountyPop. 2010Pop. 2014 Est.% Change
Lyon TownshipOakland14,54517,31319.0
Dexter Twp.Washtenaw6,0426,72711.3
Lima Twp.Washtenaw3,3073,66610.9
Burtchville TwpSt. Clair4,0084,44010.8
Macomb TwpMacomb79,58087,0709.4
Source: Southeast Michigan Council of Governments and U.S. Census Bureau

Households, Occupied Housing Units, 2010

The Detroit region has seen explosive household growth over the past 30 years. Livingston County has lead the growth with a growth rate of more than 20 percent. The tri-county area of Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties account for 74 percent of the households in the Detroit region.

Area199020002010% change 2000-2010
Detroit Region1,916,3822,045,7722,084,2501.7
Ann Arbor MSA/Washtenaw County104528125,232137,1939.5
Detroit-Warren-Livonia MSA1,574,2281,696,9431,682,111-0.9
Flint MSA/Genesee County159,483169,825169,202-0.3
Monroe MSA/Monroe County46,50853,77258,2308.2
Lapeer County26,44530,72932,7766.6
Lenawee County31,63535,93037,5144.4
Livingston County38,88755,38467,38021.6
Macomb County264,991309,203331,6677.2
Oakland County410,488471,115483,6982.6
St. Clair County52,88262,07263,8412.8
Wayne County780,535768,440702,749-8.5
City of Detroit374,057336,428269,445-19.9
Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Household Size, 2000-2010

Southeast Michigan (SEMCOG)2.582.62
Ann Arbor MSA/Washtenaw County2.412.40
Detroit-Warren-Livonia MSA2.602.53
Flint MSA/Genesee County2.542.48
Monroe MSA/Monroe County2.692.59
Lapeer County2.802.64
Lenawee County2.612.52
Livingston County2.802.67
Macomb County2.522.51
Oakland County2.512.46
Shiawassee County2.642.54
St. Clair County2.622.52
Wayne County2.642.56
City of Detroit2.802.59
Source: Southeast Michigan Council of Governments and U.S. Census Bureau

Income, Per Capita and Median Household, 2013

Area/CountyPer capita Income in past 12 months, 2013 (est.)Median household income, 2013 (est.) 
Detroit-Warren-Livonia MSA$27,568 $51,903
Ann Arbor MSA/Washtenaw County$33,231 $59,055
Flint MSA/Genesee County$22,380 $42,089
Monroe MSA/Monroe County$25,939 $53,972
Lapeer County$23,907 $52,939
Lenawee County$22,395 $47,766
Livingston County$32,129 $72,359
Macomb County$26,748 $53,451
Oakland County$36,458 $65,594
Shiawassee County$22,713 $46,217
St. Clair County$24,357 $48,066
Wayne County$22,308 $41,184
Michigan$25,681 $48,411
Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Note: Detroit-Warren-Livonia MSA is 2012 Est.

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