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Keep all the action of the 2015 Mackinac Policy Conference at your fingertips with the MLive Conference app. After registering for the Conference, you can download the app from the Apple Store (for iPhone and iPad) or Google Play (for Android devices). Windows phone users can also access the app via the mobile website. Follow the steps below to download the app or click here to access the mobile site.

  1. Search “Mackinac 2015” in the app store
  2. Download the free Conference app
  3. Log in with your email address (if you have multiple email addresses, please use the one that receives Chamber emails)

MLiveMediaGroupIf you receive a login error, it is likely because the app has not yet recognized your registration. Within 24 hours, your registration will be logged and you will be able to experience the app in its entirety. If you still have login issues after that, please email Web and Multimedia Manager Nick Mattar at You can also fill out the app help form on the sidebar.

Thank you to MLive Media Group for sponsoring the 2015 app!

New Features

  • Tweet directly from the app: Connect your Twitter account and tweet immediately within the app. Be sure to use #MPC15 for all things related to the Mackinac Policy Conference.
  • Edit your information: If your information is out of date, you can update it directly inside the app. You can also add a profile picture. NOTE: Changes made to your information inside the app will NOT appear in the online attendee list.
  • Schedule meetings with other attendees: In addition to personalizing your own Conference agenda, you can now schedule meetings with other attendees. (See the FAQ section for more information)
  • Contribute photos to the app photo gallery: Take photos at the Conference and submit them to the Conference photo gallery.

Frequently Asked Questions

The app does not recognize my email address and I cannot get into the app. What should I do?

Only registered attendees can log in to the app. If you have not registered for the Conference, you will see an error message that says your username or password is incorrect (your email address is considered both your username and password). If you have registered for the Conference and are still not able to log in to the app, email Nick Mattar at Please provide your name, title, company and the email address associated with your registration.

Should I enable Push Notifications?

Yes. Push notifications keep you up-to-date on all Conference news and exclusive offers for app users.

If you are on an Apple device, you will be asked to allow or disallow push notifications when you first open your app. Be sure to select ALLOW. If you accidentally select “Do Not Allow,” you can enable push notifications in your device’s Notification Center, which is located in the main settings page. If you are on an Android device, go to your phone’s settings and select application settings. From there, select the Mackinac Policy Conference app and check “show notifications.”

I can’t see any tweets when I access the Twitter page. How do I access the #MPC15 hashtag or the @detroitchamber tweets?

To see any tweets in the app, you must have a Twitter account active on your mobile device. To create a Twitter handle, visit and download the official app. You can connect your Twitter app to your Mackinac Policy Conference app in your device’s settings.

Why are my spouse’s organization and title not listed on the app attendee list?

Individuals attending the Conference at the reduced spouse rate will not have their organization or title listed on the app’s attendee list.

When I log in and look at my Preferences, the app shows my spouse’s name. How do I fix this?

This is a glitch in the system but does happen occasionally. Please log out of the app and then try logging in again. If this does not fix the glitch, please email Nick Mattar at or visit the help desk when you arrive at Grand Hotel.

How do I allow or disallow messaging on my app?

To toggle your messaging settings, swipe left on the main menu to access the Preferences icon. Please note that if you disable messages, you will not be able to exchange messages with other attendees. However, you will still receive messages from the Detroit Regional Chamber. This option can be changed at any time.

How do I edit my information?

From the main menu, navigate to the Preferences icon and you will see a section to edit your name, title, company and even add a headshot.

How do I add agenda items to my device’s calendar? How do I remove items from My Agenda?

To add an agenda item to your device’s calendar, select the item from the agenda and select the + button in the top right corner. If you accidentally added too many items to My Agenda, you can remove an item by pressing the + button again.

How do I create a new meeting with another attendee?

New in the 2015 MLive Conference App, you can schedule a meeting with other attendees. First, find the attendee via the Attendees icon on the first menu page. Select the attendee’s name and then select the left-hand meeting button next to the name. You will then see the Create Meeting screen, where you can fill in the details and send your invitation.

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