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Urban Analyst Thomas Sugrue Challenges Traditional Rhetoric on Detroit Revitalization

To come up with proper solutions for the Detroit’s course of action into the future, it is imperative that the origins of the city’s current status are properly understood. Thomas Sugrue, David Boies professor of history and sociology at the University of Pennsylvania, made that point to the audience as he delved into the historical circumstances that eventually led to Detroit’s bankruptcy.

In a very unflinching and frank address, Sugrue provided general principles to illustrate common misconceptions about urban revitalization and offered solutions for Detroit’s continued transformation. He stressed the importance of a diverse labor market with well-paying and secure jobs, reduced barriers to education and densification of the city. While much focus is placed on the redevelopment of downtown sectors, the sum of individual efforts is not guaranteed to revitalize an entire city.

Sugrue encouraged the community to nurture institutions and universities, embrace immigrants, and make exerted regional collaboration efforts as solutions bolster Detroit’s economic growth.