A Landmark City

Page 40

Detroit – the D! It has become cool and fashionable to live in our great city. Detroit is my home, and I’ve lived here all my life – educated through the Detroit Public School System and the University of Detroit Mercy School of Architecture. Detroit is in my blood.

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The Venture Capital

Page 28-29

There’s a long list of ingredients in the recipe for Ann Arbor’s continued entrepreneurship success. It’s not a quick dish, but rather a multicourse meal prepared, tweaked and perfected over several years.

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An Immigrant’s Story

Page 34-35

Cheong Choon Ng, 45, left his home in Malaysia and came to the United States in the 1990s to study mechanical engineering. He ended up staying in the United States after graduation and spent the next 16 years working in the automotive industry, most recently as a crash safety engineer for Nissan in Farmington Hills.

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The Sound of Success

Page 30-31

Jake Sigal is the founder and former CEO of Livio, a music and technology startup that he created out of his guest bedroom in Ferndale. A fan of being his own boss, Sigal developed the first WiFi branded Pandora Internet radio and quickly earned millions in funds from investors and venture capital firms.

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The Money Question

Page 32-33

As vice president and director of the Venture Development Organization within the community development financial institution known as Invest Detroit, Martin Dober sees a bright future for the city’s growing entrepreneurial ecosystem. Prior to joining Invest Detroit, Dober was senior vice president of entrepreneurship and innovation for the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), where he directed technology investment programs under the state’s 21st Century Jobs Fund.

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An Entrepreneurial Awakening

Page 22-23

The Motor City, once a hub for innovation that spawned the nation’s auto industry and countless other enterprises, is returning to its entrepreneurial roots and focusing on small businesses rather than relying on the industrial giants that for decades carried most of the state’s economic burden.

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Leading the Innovation District

Page 20-21

Looking to harness, amplify and spread the economic power of areas like downtown and Midtown, Detroit is hoping to create an innovation district. Mayor Mike Duggan tapped Henry Ford Health System CEO Nancy Schlichting to chair a 17-person advisory committee.

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Time For Detroit

Page 18-19

Few businesses have influenced the transformation in Detroit quite like Shinola. Its American-made products like watches and bikes have challenged the national narrative about the city like few others.

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Development Done Differently

Page 14-16

Following the success of Slows Bar BQ in Corktown, Phillip Cooley could have easily called it a day. Instead, the restaurateur purchased a 30,000 squarefoot warehouse, also in Corktown, to afford those who seek to bring their own entrepreneurial dreams to life a place to design, build, grow and succeed. In the process Cooley, perhaps unwittingly, took on a new title: economic developer.

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