Hope is the Flame That Still Burns

Page 38

We have seen that in the half century since the civil rights movement and Dr. King’s dream, one problem, racism, has been replaced, or at least matched by, another: class and poverty. This is a problem that cuts across the color line and affects urban and rural communities alike.

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Lessons Learned

Page 66

MSNBC and CNBC analyst and former Congressman Harold Ford Jr. will return to the Mackinac Policy Conference for the third time in five years bringing his knowledge of national politics to Michigan’s Center Stage. The Detroiter caught up with Ford for a quick discussion on the political landscape.

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The Food Economy

Page 50

The ingredients are all there — a diverse array of crops, abundant supply of water, logistical infrastructure and manufacturing talent — to grow Michigan’s food and agriculture industry.

Agriculture is already big business in Michigan, but there’s plenty of room to grow through exports and capitalizing on its resources to become a food-processing powerhouse.

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Insight and Influence

Page 22

Mellody Hobson’s ascent to financial guru, regular CBS News contributor and chairman of the board of DreamWorks Animation SKG comes on the heels of a childhood that can be considered anything but privileged. The daughter of a single mother and the youngest of six children, Hobson speaks regularly of the financial struggles endured by her family throughout her childhood.

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Tomorrow’s Expectations

Page 58

Nate Silver has a way of driving people crazy. He does it by telling them things they don’t want to hear – and by being right.

The 37-year-old East Lansing native and proprietor of the FiveThirtyEight blog has been doing it since 2007, when he transitioned from projecting the potential of professional baseball prospects to predicting the outcome of elections.

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