Slow Roll Quickly Growing Thanks to Inclusive Fun

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Slow Roll Detroit is Michigan’s largest weekly bike ride. Every Monday experienced bikers, beginners, from the city and suburbs are seen snaking through predetermined community routes on their racing bikes, mountain bikes, low/high riders, and unique custom bikes with baskets, honking horns, bells, reflectors, mounted stereos and accessories of all kinds.

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Tomorrow’s American Dream

Page 42

The late Yogi Berra is often credited (probably incorrectly) with coining the aphorism: “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” But Brian David Johnson knows what the Hall of Fame catcher was talking about anyway.

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Four-wheeled Devices

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Potholes are as much a rite of spring in Michigan as opening day for the Detroit Tigers, but unlike the state’s beloved baseball team, the jaw-jarring chuckholes are met with dreaded anticipation of flat tires and bent wheels.

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Learning Matters

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As CEO of The Education Trust, a national nonprofit that encourages high academic achievement for all students pre-K through college, Kati Haycock is no stranger to the gaps in opportunity that students of color and students in low-income households face each year.

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Education for Everyone

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Salman “Sal” Khan always excelled at learning. He competed in national math competitions while growing up in Metairie, Louisiana, enrolled at MIT after high school and graduated in four years with three degrees in engineering and computer science. He later added an MBA from Harvard.

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On the Move

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Dan Ammann is shifting General Motors into high gear with a strategy to turn the 107-year-old automaker into a global juggernaut for the new mobility era.

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