Detroit: America’s Tech Hub Since 1903

Sync Magazine: December 19, 2016

“There’s a really strong creator culture here and right now you just see it exploding. We’re seeing a lot of companies come here, new startups and innovative people moving here because of that environment for them to thrive and grow. You can’t find parking. The demand for spaces to live is off the charts. The number of restaurants is growing, the music scene continues to grow, the arts scene continues to grow.”

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Michigan Leading the Mobility Revolution

Southeast Michigan, a region of doers and makers, is setting the world’s stage to lead in the race for the connected and autonomous vehicle. Inspired by the automotive industry’s comeback, the region is redefining Michigan’s future as it transforms from traditional manufacturing into a hotbed for tech startups and new ideas.

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Changes ahead for auto industry provide opportunity for region

January is always an exciting time in the Detroit region. The promise of a new year, and of course, the arrival of the North American International Auto Show, one of the premier global events on the automotive calendar and an opportunity to not only showcase the world-leading mobility assets of our region, but also the incredible and real urban renaissance of the city of Detroit.

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