Flashpoint 8/19/18: Regional CEOs; Local politics roundtable

August 19, 2018 – WDIV: Local 4

Last month, a controversial letter from the office of L. Brooks Patterson to Oakland County chamber directors invited them to discuss a group of what he called “self-appointed saviors.”  Patterson said the group was allegedly created to “snatch business leads in the righteous cause of rebuilding Detroit. A lot of controversy came of that meeting, including some off color comments from Patterson himself that made headlines and also prompted an apology.

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Motor city is firing on all cylinders again

August 2018 Issue – Automotive Industries

According to a study by MICHauto, an economic development initiative of the Detroit Regional Chamber there are 2,200 automotive facilities statewide. They include OEMs, suppliers, tool-and-die shops, R&D facilities, and technical centers. “Michigan leads the nation in automotive ‘concept to consumer’ expertise,” says Sandy Baruah, president and CEO of the Chamber. “The data provides a clear understanding of the true automotive technical ecosystem in our state and definitively concludes that Michigan is the epicenter of mobility innovation.”

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Trump’s wrong: Trade wars are bad and hard to win

August 10, 2018 – Detroit Free Press

With good economic times at hand, isn’t now a good time to get tough on trade and employ some old-fashioned tariffs? In a word, no.

When we were building our nation, tariffs served as the government’s key form of revenue. As a new nation, we needed to import, well, just about everything. When we were a rapidly growing nation, and without local supply, tariffs worked out fairly well. Since those early days, however, tariff wars have not worked out well for the United States.   

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