Michigan’s Proposal 3: How it would make registering to vote easier

October 26 – Detroit Free Press

In every general election, the state of Idaho averages a significant number of residents who register on Election Day to vote: About 50,000 people. And the option may soon be available to Michigan voters under a November ballot proposal that would usher in sweeping changes to the state’s election law. The proposal would allow absentee ballots for any reason, provide the option of straight-ticket voting, and allow a citizen to register to vote up to and on Election Day, among other provisions.

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Gretchen Whitmer: I’ll pay to fix Michigan by ‘closing loopholes’

October 26 – Bridge

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer has big plans for Michigan – and they’ll cost a pretty penny. The former Senate minority leader from East Lansing promises to repeal the pension tax, replace lead water lines statewide, pay for two years of debt-free college to all residents (as well as universal pre-K) and, of course, fix “the damn roads.”

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Workforce solution? Tuition help for workers that actually helps

October 21 – Crain’s Detroit

With employers scrambling to find new workers with the right talents and skills to fill critical jobs, perhaps they’re already under the companies’ roofs. Many companies offer tuition assistance or reimbursement programs for employees to go back to school and earn a certificate or degree or just to take certain courses to hone skills the employer needs.

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Take 5: What Comes First, Talent or Business?

In the wake of Detroit’s failed bid to host Amazon’s second world headquarters, how much of a factor was Detroit’s talent pool? Many business leaders believe if Amazon came to Detroit, talent would follow. However, Amazon cited a lack of existing talent in Detroit as a key factor in being left off the final list.

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Talent All-Stars

The competition to retain existing talent while recruiting new talent is increasingly fierce. When it comes to luring the best and brightest, companies across the region are thinking outside the box from innovative apprenticeship programs to offering tuition reimbursement programs and investing millions in renovated office space.

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