Letter: Chamber Calls on Michigan Congressional Delegation for Business Support as Pandemic Orders Extended

As Michigan takes steps to protect public health, the responsibility now lies with Congress to provide the much-needed relief to businesses, individuals, and states across the nation to survive the economic crisis. In an open letter to the Michigan Congressional delegation, the Detroit Regional Chamber called on them to immediately work together on the passage of the bipartisan COVID-19 relief bill.

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Detroit Regional Chamber Leadership Supports Traditional Transfer of Presidential Power

As leaders of Michigan businesses; Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, some who supported President Trump for reelection and some who voted for Vice President Biden, we agree that a central tenet of American democracy is the maintenance of norms that provide the stability our society is based upon. One of those critical norms is the smooth and gracious transfer of presidential power.

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Howes: COVID, conflict define ‘crazy’ year, drive extraordinary turnout

November 4 – The Detroit News

“We’ve become numb to outrageous behavior, outrageous events, outrageous things,” says Sandy Baruah, CEO of the Detroit Regional Chamber and head of the Small Business Administration under President George W. Bush. “We’re all on edge. And we’re less interested in a calm and thoughtful conversation. No one is rewarding that.”

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