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360 Detroit Uses NeighborHUB Grant to Impact the Community Through Pandemic

Back in March, George Adams president and founder of 360 Detroit Inc. began distributing PPE kits, along with First Aid supplies and toys for kids, to local residents in the Virginia Park neighborhood, where their NeigborHUB project is located. The NeigborHUB grant program is all about empowering innovative and collaborative solutions to the issues facing the city’s neighborhood and 360 Detroit Inc. did just that when his community needed it the most. Adams spoke with us about how it’s been going and how he met the needs of his neighborhood during this difficult time.

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Q: Can you tell us more about how 360 Detroit has shifted to meet the needs of the community during the pandemic?

A: We provided care packages during Michigan’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order. We provided fresh produce boxes to more than 200 residents. We have also recently allowed residents to participate in the painting of a mural. We practiced social distancing and other COVID-19 protocols while creating it.


Q: How have you used the Hub park space to help the community and what are ways you plan to continue to do this?

A: Most of the residents who participated in the mural painting thought it was therapeutic, peaceful, and fun. We will continue to have small outdoor programming at the Hub.







Q: One of the many services the community house offers is a space for children desiring to have a place to learn and grow. How are you helping this fall with the transition to online learning for many children in the community?

A: The interior of the house is still under construction. We were delayed due to COVID-19. We are kind of in a wait and see phase for in person programming inside the house once its complete. We will continue to make adjustments as needed to ensure everyone’s safety.

Q: What has been a highlight of being a NeighborHUB grant awardee?

A:The highlight was the opportunity to participate in the Detroit Policy Conference and connect with so many potential supporters.

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