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Type of Media
 Television Radio Online Other
If other, please specify:

What will you be covering?


Due to limited space, media outlets wishing to broadcast live from Media Row should submit applications with requests for space by April 16, 2018 to allow enough time for consideration of technology, equipment and furniture needs. Please note: Media credentials do not guarantee space on Media Row.

Media Row will be open for set up on Tuesday, May 29 after 3 p.m. and teardown will begin at Noon on Friday, June 1.

Due to contracts with Conference speakers, video and audio recordings of some speakers at the Mackinac Policy Conference may be restricted or may not be allowed.

What is your estimated arrival date?

What is your estimated arrival time?

What is your estimated set-up date?

What is your estimated set-up time?

What is your estimated tear-down date?

What is your estimated tear-down time?

Please specify broadcast dates/times
 Wednesday, 5/30
Start Time: End Time:

 Thursday, 5/31
Start Time: End Time:

 Friday, 6/1
Start Time: End Time:

Technical and Setup Needs (check all that apply)

6'Table with cloth
 Yes No

Chairs (two chairs)
 Yes No

Electrical power (one 15 amp power source)
 Yes No

Power strip (one 5-outlet power strip)
 Yes No

Ethernet (one 4-port PPoE gigabit switch)
 Yes No

Wireless (provided at 802.11n/ac wireless standards)
 Yes No

Phone service (VoIP)
 Yes No

Cisco SPA-112a device (one unit)*
 Yes No

*Please note: ISDN is no longer being provided. Each Cisco SPA-112a unit includes two RJ-11 jacks preprogrammed with telephone numbers to emulate dial tone and/or ISDN connection bursts for data transport.

Need anything else? Tell us here if you have any special requests:

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