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A Neighborhood Voice

By Wensdy Von Buskirk

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TheHUB address the issues facing Detroit communities.

A main focus at this year’s Detroit Policy Conference was to empower the city’s proud and historic neighborhoods. It’s a mission closely shared with the TheHUB, a chamber member and multicultural print and digital publication that covers Detroit’s neighborhood news.
It was a natural fit for TheHUB and its digital arm, Detroit Unspun (Detroit Regional News Hub), collectively known as The HUB to produce a special issue devoted to the conference.
Jackie Berg, TheHUB founder and publisher, talks about the publications’ growing role in covering Detroit’s comeback from the grassroots up.

Tell us more about TheHUB.

TheHUB and Detroit Unspun joined forces last year to collectively fill a gap in the market related to coverage of Detroit neighborhood news. Last year, we launched two new multicultural monthlies aimed at addressing neighborhood and community health ─ TheHUB, which concentrates on local news in Detroit, and TheWEIGH, which focuses on community health issues statewide. TheHUB originated from our coverage of community health issues. We found until you address the economic health of city neighborhoods, it is very difficult to address the systemic health issues.

How do you decide what to cover?

We cover everything from block club succession planning and related efforts to find the next generation of block club leaders in Detroit to issues like what’s needed to move neighborhood businesses from start-ups to “stay-ups.” We ask big questions such as how important is the strategic placement mixed-housing developments to Detroit’s neighborhood resurgence?

In addition to covering what’s happening today, we are committed to looking strategically at how Detroit needs to position itself as a community to move forward in the future.

Share a little of the nuts and bolts of your operation.

We work with a team of more than 15 professionals with deep Detroit roots and knowledge of Detroit’s neighborhoods, able to provide an “insiders” perspective of the neighborhoods. That’s really important to our success. We garnered early support from Mayor Duggan and his Department of Neighborhoods district managers, area non-profits, including ARISE Detroit!, and nearly 20 minority publishers and advocacy organizations who believe in our publication’s mission to build multicultural collaboration.

We’ll soon be announcing our new location in Southwest Detroit.

TheHUB circulates 50,000 units in Detroit’s neighborhoods monthly and 90,000 units in urban cities statewide. Our digital audience exceeds 100,000, making us one of the largest neighborhood voices in market today.

What is your dream for The Hub?

We want to be known as the trusted voice of Detroit’s neighborhoods and are very pleased and proud that stakeholders already feel we’ve accomplished that goal. We’re passionate about working with partners who have the same vision and who believe in collaboration and getting to a better place together.