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AARP: Consider Retirees to Improve State’s Economy

40 percent of U.S. employers report difficulty filling jobs due mainly to candidates lacking technical competencies and workplace competencies. Michigan’s chapter of AARP hosted a discussion focused on the talent gap retired workers can fill in the state’s economy. The discussion, moderated by Chris Holman, founder and CEO, Michigan Business Network and President of AARP Michigan, included Paula Cunningham, director of AARP Michigan; Roger Curtis, director of the Michigan Department of Talent and Economic Development; and Chuck Hadden, president and CEO, Michigan Manufacturers Association. Michigan employers report difficulty filling jobs as their No. 1 challenge. Attendees were educated on the benefits of integrating older workers:

  • Fill positions on teams that tend to be hard to fill
  • Provide mentorship and career pathing assistance
  • Assist millennials on staff in developing hard and soft skills
  • Take advantage of the “motivation” of retirees to do a good job

Representatives from AARP announced the program “Experience for Hire” as a resource for businesses looking to hire retirees.