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EAA Legislation Passed by House

Recently, a bill was voted out of the House of Representatives in the next step to make the existence of the Education Achievement Authority (EAA) state law and expand and cap to help turn around the 50 lowest-performing schools in Michigan. The Detroit Regional Chamber and many of our strategic partners are fully behind this codification and expansion of the current EAA as an option to provide a quality education to students currently in poor performing schools.

In September, the EAA began in September serving students in Detroit overseeing 15 schools in Detroit. The EAA has implemented longer school days, an 11-month calendar, new curriculum delivery methods, and have implemented site-based management to provide a new experience for students to achieve, and the data has shown its working.  The Senate is expected to hear testimony on the bill in the coming weeks and the Chamber will continue to advocate on this issue.