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Bitcoin, Digital Assets, Law and more highlighted during Butzel Long Blockchain webinar series (“Blockchain @ Butzel”) beginning March 30

March 24, 2021
DETROIT, Mich. – Blockchain technology is innovating industries from banking and finance to healthcare and supply chains. Blockchain, a distributed ledger used for linking information, is a game changer because it provides a secure and permanent way to store and share volumes of information.

Butzel Long is offering a webinar series led by firm attorney William Kraus, who specializes in legal and regulatory issues related to digital assets and blockchain technology. Kraus will take a deep dive into digital assets (e.g. Bitcoin) and blockchain technology, how they work and legal issues relating to this technology. The complimentary webinar series will take place from Noon-1 p.m. on March 30, April 6 and April 13. For more information or to register online, visit

March 30 – Is Bitcoin Illegal? What is a Bitcoin? An Introduction to Digital Assets (Introductory Level)

This webinar will provide an easy-to-understand introduction to digital assets and how they work. The discussion will focus on general legal and regulatory issues surrounding this area, framed against the possibilities and pitfalls (e.g., the dark web and ransomware) of this exciting technology. Finally, Kraus will field common questions about blockchain and digital assets.

April 6 – From Orange Groves to Blockchain; Financial Regulation of Digital Assets (Intermediate Level)

Bitcoin revolutionized how we think about finance by offering a truly decentralized currency outside the control of any central bank or government. As Bitcoin and other digital assets have grown in popularity, however, so too has their regulation as a financial instrument. This webinar will examine the fundamental arguments for and against regulation, while providing an overview of the current treatment of digital assets under U.S. law.

April 13 – Blockchain Take the Wheel: Potential Applications for Blockchain in the Automotive Industry (Advanced Level)

While Bitcoin continues to make headlines, in many ways, the blockchain technology behind Bitcoin may end up having a larger impact on our lives. No longer just for sending money, blockchain is being adopted by everyone from Fortune 500 companies to local governments. Here in Michigan, blockchain also offers exciting possibilities for increasing efficiency, managing data, and improving supply chains within the automotive industry. This webinar will discuss some of the business cases for blockchain technology, and examine relevant legal considerations.

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