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Building Smarter Mobility Solutions with Big Data

During keynote remarks at the Forum’s opening night reception, Jim Goodnight, co-founder and CEO of SAS, challenged world mobility leaders to think differently about their transformational role and the need for intelligent transportation from a technological standpoint.

“Just as a self-typing typewriter was only a mere taste of what software could do, true mobility is so much bigger than driverless vehicles. It’s about engineering convenient moments, keeping people moving, clearing the way, speeding the journey, minimizing downtime, it’s about flow,” he said.

“All of these things make mobility a prime example of using ‘data for good’ and … using data for good has always been ‘job one’ for SAS,” Goodnight added.

Goodnight pointed out that mobility initiatives are not only about making a better world, but improving business too, and that the key to coming out ahead in the mobility revolution will be using data to understand customers and outsmart competitors.

“We’ve been doing analytics for four decades now, so what we know is most important is making your customer interactions more intelligent, speeding the pace of insights so you can iterate faster, protecting what you’ve built with cybersecurity. At the most basic level, mobility means expanding and improving your customer’s interaction with your brand and the best way to think about it is as an advanced form of customer experience,” he said.


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