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Business Leaders Discuss Ways to Strengthen Michigan’s Business Environment

Michigan has one of the nation’s most attractive business climates, comprised of numerous regions with vibrant urban centers that serve as economic catalysts. Leading executives analyzed their respective regions throughout Michigan, pointing out strengths and discussing necessary next steps during the session “Michigan: Leading the Way,” sponsored by Ford Motor Company.

Rick Albin, political reporter for WOOD TV, moderated the discussion that featured panelists, including Hank Cooney, president and CEO of Plunkett Cooney and chair of the 2014 Conference; Sam Cummings, principal and managing partner at CWD Real Estate Investment; L. Brooks Patterson, Oakland County executive; and Kelly Rossman-McKinney, CEO and principal at Truscott Rossman.

The panel cited the significance of locating services that people need and want in the urban centers of cities, improving road conditions, and urging Michigan government leaders to create ways for people and businesses to thrive.