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Chamber Business Attraction Team Targeting FIRE Call Centers for Regional Business

Over the next 60 days, the Detroit Regional Chamber’s Business Attraction team is aiming to secure and set up site visits with call center prospects focused on finance, information technology, insurance and real estate (FIRE) support and other customer support services. These types of projects have the potential to create anywhere from 800 to 1,300 local jobs.

Over the last two months, the Chamber team has seen an influx of requests from companies interested in locating call centers in the region, which isn’t currently saturated in this labor market, and is cultivating four proposals for new call centers to enter the market.

Through various surveys and interviews of local companies, the Chamber team has established a clearer picture of the call center landscape in the Detroit region. Rather than simply traditional telemarketing jobs, the Detroit area possesses a collection of customer support services for various industries, such as manufacturing, business and financial services, telecommunications and technology with pay ranging from $9 an hour to an $80,000 annual salary.

For areas like the Detroit region with the right labor force, real estate and cost structure, there is opportunity for significant new job creation as this industry continues to rapidly expand. The Detroit region has the right mix of factors to win these projects. The Chamber team is now aggressively pursuing and responding to these opportunities with data that demonstrates why the Detroit region can outperform competitor markets. To learn more about locating or expanding business in Michigan, please email