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Chamber Launches “Know Before You Vote: Yes for Regional Transit Connecting the Detroit Region”

The Detroit Regional Chamber is launching Know Before You Vote: Yes for Regional Transit Connecting the Detroit Region, to support the Regional Master Transit plan, that will not only connect Southeast Michigan’s four counties, but get people to work and boost economic development.

Southeast Michigan’s regional transit system is inadequate, leaving our region at a disadvantage compared to similar regions. There is no transit system that fully connects Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw and Wayne Counties. Currently, each region has its own transit system that is too disjointed to provide the comprehensive service people need. Nearly 92 percent of jobs simply cannot be reached within 60 minutes using existing transit services. The overall lack of investment is a barrier to economic growth for the region.

On Nov. 8, Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw and Wayne counties will have the chance to fix Southeast Michigan’s transit system and invest in safe and reliable regional infrastructure. By voting “yes” for regional transit, voters can once and for all guarantee long-term, sustainable funding for connecting Southeast Michigan with transit options. Regional transit improves the quality of life for all residents by connecting people to jobs, spurring economic development, and giving seniors and people with disabilities more independence. There is no other plan on the table and our region cannot wait any longer.

On Nov. 8, Southeast Michigan businesses and communities need you to vote “Yes” on the Regional Master Transit plan. Show your support or learn more about the need for regional transit at or

Take action and download the toolkit to help you and your organization educate members and stakeholders about the critical importance of the Nov. 8 election.