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Chamber Named Top Workplace Thanks to Human Resources Initiative

This month, the Detroit Free Press named the Detroit Regional Chamber a 2019 Top Workplace based on an anonymous staff survey. Chamber Vice President of Human Resources Michelle Hansel shares how staff initiatives paved the way for success in the organizational culture, and how this achievement will define the Chamber’s competitiveness in years to come.

What factors have contributed to the Chamber’s success in establishing workplace culture?

I truly feel that we [the Chamber] are unique from the standpoint that our top leader, Sandy Baruah, always has the staff top of mind. I often ask myself when posed with difficult decisions, what would Sandy do? Sandy always puts people first. We’re able to be successful because we care so deeply and can interact, provide programs, and provide a family atmosphere that cares for people in a way that some other organizations just are not able to.

Staff wants and needs in a workplace are always changing. How do you keep up with that?

A great mechanism is our volunteer groups, especially our Organizational Culture Committee. It’s a diverse, cross-functional group of staff that lend their time to host staff events and activities centering around wellness, diversity, and networking. They’re the eyes and the ears of the organization. Our staff is very committed and willing to put in the time outside of their daily job to try and make this a great workplace.

Why is this award meaningful to the Chamber?

It’s very meaningful because it’s employee-driven. Our employees are the ones who take the survey and provide us with the feedback, and we take it into consideration and try to do things differently. I think it’s a validation from our staff that we’re doing the right things that make this a great workplace.

What does the Top Workplaces survey measure?

Essentially, it’s a staff engagement survey related to workplace culture. The different subcategories that they look at and have questions related to our alignment, so, where the company is headed, it’s values and cooperation, connection, how employees feel appreciated, if they feel their work is meaningful. We had 85% participation in the last survey which is very high since the benchmark average is 73%.