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Chamber-Supported Scrap Metal Bill Passes Michigan Legislature, Headed to Governor’s Desk

The Scrap Metal Regulatory Act, which has been supported by the Chamber advocacy team, received overwhelming support in the Michigan House and Senate last week. The bill passed the House with a 98-12 vote, followed by approval in the Senate, 31 votes to six, last week, marking a major victory for Detroit’s business and economic development sector.

In order to address the crippling effect that scrap metal thieves can have on cities, including Detroit, the bill regulates the sales of stolen catalytic converters, copper wire and air conditioning units by prohibiting scrapyards from offering cash payments greater than $25. It also requires scrapyards to take pictures of their customers and add them to a database that will be created by the state.

The Chamber, along with Mayor Mike Duggan, the Detroit Crime Commission and the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police, have advocated for the passage of a substantive piece of legislation and tougher scrap metal regulations. The bill is expected to be signed by Governor Rick Snyder. To read more about the vote, click here.