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Chamber Testifies Before City Council to Raise Awareness of Detroit Scholarship Fund

Chamber staff working to promote the Detroit Scholarship Fund (DSF) testified before Detroit City Council on Tuesday, May 6, at the invitation of City Council President Brenda Jones. The group provided an overview of the Chamber-administered program, describing its background and discussing how it offers graduates of any Detroit high school a tuition-free path to an associate’s degree at any of the five participating community colleges located in metro Detroit.

Last year, over 600 students enrolled in a community colleges as full-time students, more than twice the number of Detroit high school graduates that typically enter community college immediately after high school. This spring, Chamber staff has visited 50 different Detroit high schools, registering more than 2,600 students for the DSF, in addition to raising awareness at churches, community events and other venues throughout the city. To learn more about the DSF, click here.