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Chuck Scrafano

Sales Executive, Oswald Companies

With over 25 years of expertise in the insurance arena, Chuck Scrafano has experience across Oswald’s life insurance, property and casualty, and benefits business units. In addition to extensive knowledge of traditional insurance products, he is also skilled in the fields of private pension planning and long-term care. While working in the financial services industry early in his career, Scrafano honed his expertise in these forms of retirement planning.

His work history also includes assisting in the start-up of a professional employer organization and the implementation of deferred compensation plans for many high-profile businesses in the Detroit vicinity. He also has previous experience in the Los Angeles market which included closely advising the Los Angeles Fire Department to address their unique needs. Currently, he serves on the leadership team for the Exit Planning Institute of Southeastern Michigan.

In all areas, Scrafano takes a holistic approach to planning and strives to stay on top of and adapt to trends in the industry. He strongly advocates the need for periodically reviewing coverage to match it with a client’s changing needs. Scrafano is a graduate of the University of Michigan.