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Detroit Civility Project on One Detroit 

Stephen Henderson and Nolan Finley explain the need for the Detroit Civility Project. Watch participants discuss what they learned during their experience.

2019 Detroit Policy Conference

Nolan Finley and Stephen Henderson announce the Project at the 2019 Detroit Policy Conference.

Detroit Civility Project Keynote & Panel
Keynote and Panel Moderator: Shelby Scarbrough
Panel: Nolan Finley, Stephen Henderson, John E. James, Lorron James

Watch the announcement of the Detroit Civility Project, a keynote address titled “The Joy of Civility” by Shelby Scarbrough, and a panel discussion led by Scarbrough about civil communication with Nolan Finley, Stephen Henderson, John E. James, and Lorron James.

Civility | Shelby Scarbrough | TEDxNapaValley
Shelby Scarbrough

Shelby Scarbrough is an internationally recognized author and entrepreneur. In this speech, she shares the basics to engaging in civil conversation and how civility is crucial to the progress of our society.

StoryCorps Detroit Podcast: A Tale of Two Paper’s Opinions
Stephen Henderson and Nolan Finley

The pair talk about how their personal family backgrounds influence their opposing political opinions in this podcast.

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