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CNBC’s Ron Insana Talks the Future of Technology and the Economy

Senior Analyst for CNBC and Financial Industry Expert Ron Insana kicked off the State of the Region with a keynote with insights from his career journey and predictions of where the nation’s economy is headed. WDIV-TV 4 Anchor Devin Scillian discussed with Insana implications of the trade war with China on the U.S. and Michigan, along with how new technology is shaping American culture and the future of its workforce.

When discussing effects of the trade war on both the national economy and Michigan, Insana said that while he disagrees with the current administration’s tactics, he doesn’t disagree on what the Trump administration is fighting about. If the trade war had not taken place, Michigan’s economy would have experienced more growth, he said.

When Scillian asked Insana about the revitalization of Detroit, he was optimistic.

“This town has gone through some kind of renaissance,” said Insana. “Many towns that have been successful in reorienting have had a renaissance. The cost of living is less, and you can make decent amounts of money.”

Insana discussed the debate between whether more jobs will be destroyed or more created that simply have not been thought of in the coming years. Artificial intelligence (AI) may replace many jobs in the future, he said. Insana noted that the biggest public policy failure is failing to address the needs of those that have been left behind in the changing workforce.

Watch: Ron Insana’s interview with Devin Scillian