Deloitte: Workforce Strategies for Post-COVID-19 Recovery

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Deloitte has developed a guide covering workforce strategies for businesses as they prepare for their post-COVID-19 recovery and a workbook for HR leaders to prepare and develop their strategy. Explore the resources below to learn more.

Workforce Strategies for Post-COVID-19 Recovery

A typical crisis plays out over three timeframes: Respond, in which a company deals with the present situation and manages continuity; Recover, during which a company learns and emerges stronger; and Thrive, where the company prepares for and shapes the “next normal.”

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Workforce Strategies Post-COVID Workbook

This workbook is intended for HR leaders to think through what is still needed now to manage business continuity, and what will be needed very soon as their organizations look for opportunities to reflect, recommit, re-engage, rethink, and reboot.

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