Watch: Going the Distance: Mapping Your Next Steps for Long-Term Success

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2020 is a year in which the pace of change accelerated in ways never before witnessed. Even the most agile of companies have been caught off guard by issues relating not only to COVID-19, but to social injustice, international decisions, and even what seems to be an ever-increasing amount of natural disasters.

Attendees will hear from three of Rehmann’s top executive advisors in this timely webinar. These individuals regularly interact with leaders at companies ranging from large, publicly traded enterprises to closely held, family-owned local businesses.

The session will focus on three strategic areas upon which companies must focus in order to move forward and thrive during these uncertain times. These areas include: embracing digital transformation, developing an innovative learning culture, and planning for the unexpected.

Bryan Kearis, Principal, Rehmann
Ryan Krause, Regional Managing Principal, Rehmann
Sandy Shecter, Principal and Director of Solutions, Rehmann
Moderator: Chip Hoebeke, Director of Consulting, Rehmann

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