Huntington Bank Announces $5B Michigan Lending Initiative to Help Small Business, Homeowners, Philanthropy

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Huntington Bank and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer today announced a $5 billion, five-year lending, investment, and philanthropic commitment to help improve financial opportunities for Michigan businesses, consumers, and communities.

The Michigan plan – which is part of a $20 billion Community Plan announced Sept. 1 – was developed in cooperation with the Governor and Michigan community organizations to ensure the bank’s commitment reflects the needs of all people and businesses throughout the state.

Over the next several months, the bank will announce specific initiatives to support small businesses, consumers, and communities. The plan will evolve as Huntington continues to listen and take action to meet the changing needs of Michigan’s communities.

Huntington’s 2020 Community Plan reflects increased investments in the following areas:

  • Access to capital.
  • Affordable housing and homeownership.
  • Community lending and investment.

Huntington will work with community organizations across the state to implement its Michigan Community Plan.

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