MI Legislature to Discuss Outcomes, Next Steps Following Supreme Court Emergency Powers Ruling

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As impacts of the Michigan Supreme Court’s decision regarding Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s emergency powers continue to unfold, the Michigan House is holding session today to address a number of issues tied to now-nullified executive orders related to COVID-19. Today’s session is a pivotal moment in light of the court’s decisions and the upcoming election.

The Senate convened Thursday, passing several pandemic bills to address policy gaps posed by the ruling on the Governor’s emergency powers and items not covered in recent MDHHS public health orders. Nursing home policy, unemployment benefits, pensions, and electronic meetings of public meetings were covered in the legislation before the chamber last week. These issues, as well as policy for business liability protections, are up for further discussion in today’s House session as well.

In other developments, the Supreme Court yesterday denied a request from the Governor for a 28-day extension of her pandemic orders, officially deeming them invalid. While the decision does not impact COVID-19 safety orders enacted by MDHHS via the public health code, it does create a further sense of urgency to implement measures to ensure factors like the continuity of unemployment benefits.

While these decisions continue to develop, businesses are advised to continue implementing health and safety protocols like the use of facial coverings and social distancing. Learn more about the business impact and best practices from last week’s conversation with legal experts at Miller Canfield.

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