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David Egner

President and CEO, Hudson-Webber Foundation

David EgnerDavid Egner has led the Hudson-Webber Foundation as its president and CEO since 1997.  Established in 1943 with major contributions from Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Webber, other members of the Webber family, and The J.L. Hudson Company, the Foundation has assets of over $170 million and concentrates its efforts and resources on its mission of improving the quality of life in metropolitan Detroit.

Recently, Egner led an effort that enhanced the focus of the Hudson-Webber Foundation’s work and giving to include 15×15, a shared vision to attract 15,000 young, talented households to greater downtown Detroit by 2015.  The Foundation works in the targeted geography of greater downtown Detroit to assist in making it the kind of place that young talent wants to be. 15×15 is a focused extension of the Foundation’s historical giving to the Woodward Corridor.

In addition to his work with the Foundation, Egner also serves as executive director of the New Economy Initiative (NEI), a $100 million philanthropic partnership dedicated to accelerate the transition of southeast Michigan to a more innovation-based economy. Under Egner’s leadership the New Economy Initiative has targeted grantmaking to promoting a successful entrepreneurial eco-system, capitalizing on existing regional assets and resources, and building and employing a more skilled and educated workforce