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David Lansky Keynote at 2014 Health Care Leaders Forum

As health care costs increase, there is a growing incentive for large and small employers to stop offering health benefits. Jumbo employers have the power and financial incentive to drive better quality and lower costs for their health care benefits. However, even these large employers cannot sustain improvements in health care quality alone. The business community, large and small, needs to move together to drive change into the market. Large employers are implementing two types of strategies to drive change and value into the health care market.

1. Changes in payment to providers
2. Properly incentivizing consumers to choose high quality, lower cost providers

Action Plan: Small and large employers need to take an active role in driving change into the health care market instead of executing passive strategies like cost shifting or cutting benefits.

Tune into the following times for further explanations on the following topics:
5:38 See how cost is driving employers out of the insurance game.
8:00 Employers have the power to drive health care value and prevent their own exit.
9:04 Best performing large employers can save 15-20% on premiums through payment strategies for providers and incentivizing employees to change health behaviors
14:30 Engage and incentivize consumers to choose high quality providers
17:00 Example of how Reference Pricing can drive down costs of a procedure over time
23:30 How do you operationalize value?
37:00 On the horizon in the employer market.