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Detroit chamber CEO: ‘Growing split’ with GOP, biz community on roads

March 14, 2019

Michigan Advance

By: Ken Coleman

Sandy Baruah, Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce president and CEO, said on Thursday that his organization believes Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s $2.5 billion roads proposal is the right amount to get the job done.

Business groups and Republican lawmakers have traditionally been in lockstep on policy in Michigan. But Baruah said that a divide is emerging on roads. Whitmer spoke at the group’s luncheon at MGM Grand Casino in Detroit and received a warmer reception on her 45-cent gas tax hike than she has from GOP leaders in the Michigan Legislature and some citizens.

“I’m really hopeful,” Baruah told reporters. “I think that there is a growing split between the Republican legislators and the business community. I think that the business community is becoming much more amenable to the 45-cents gas tax to solve the roads problem.”

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