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Detroit Regional Chamber on COVID-19 response in Detroit


The Detroit Regional Chamber has been working since the COVID-19 pandemic first emerged in Michigan to keep residents and businesses informed.

“We’re looking at this whole COVID crisis, really, in three parts. First, it was a response part. What is COVID? What is PPE? What do I need to do? What does it mean to be shut down? How do I take care of my employees? How do I take care of my family? And then, of course, there was the restart. As we slowly started to open up, how do we get businesses up and running again? Especially when you consider manufacturing. How do you do that safely? Or even a small business, how do you do that? And then, of course, hopefully soon, we’ll be in a recovery phase where we can start getting these businesses up and really running again,” Baruah says about their response.

They’ve reached out to everyone from medical to government experts to bring the information to metro Detroiters.

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