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Detroit Regional Chamber says it supports governor’s decision to appoint emergency financial manager


March 4, 2013

By David Muller

DETROIT, MI – The Detroit Regional Chamber says it supports Gov. Rick Snyder’s decision to appoint an emergency financial manager for the city of Detroit, saying such an appointee would be able to make “quick and difficult decisions that have eluded city government.”

Snyder announced his decision to appoint an emergency financial manger for the city Friday at Wayne State University. He said he has a candidate in mind. His announcement began a 10-day period in which the city can appeal.

Last month, Detroit Regional Chamber CEO Sandy Baruah told international business journal The Economist that an emergency financial manger would be “both expected and welcomed.” The statement released by the chamber in the wake of Gov. Snyder’s decision reiterated some his comments.

In the statement, the chamber says that while there are “tremendous revitalization efforts occurring in the private sector,” there is still a “final barrier” to Detroit’s rebirth: financial and government stability.

“While there has been important progress under Mayor Dave Bing, the Chamber echoes the Governor’s sentiments that the status quo is no longer acceptable and the city’s citizens, neighborhoods and businesses deserve more rapid change,” the chamber’s statement reads.

Detroit faces $14 billion in long-term debt and an annual deficit of $327 million. Many of its 700,000 residents, which is less than half of its peak population six decades ago, are having trouble paying their taxes amid widespread poverty.

“The Chamber encourages business leaders to continue to distinguish between the fiscal challenges facing city government and the positive business trends in Detroit, and to continue to work with public and private partners to revitalize Detroit,” the statement reads.