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Detroit Scholarship Fund Celebrates Successful First Year

We weren’t sure what to expect when we rolled out the Detroit Scholarship Fund in the spring of 2013, offering graduates the opportunity to attend one of five community colleges in the Detroit region, tuition free. Having studied enrollment patterns from previous years, we knew that roughly 325 high school graduates a year were enrolling as full-time students in community colleges throughout the region.

What we found were young people in Detroit eager to pursue their education beyond high school. In fall 2013, 628 students enrolled in community college as full-time students, about double the previous year. While we’re still waiting for our final enrollment numbers for fall 2014, we expect to have as many or more students participating in the program. We have students enrolled from 60 different high schools in Detroit, including Detroit Public Schools, the Education Achievement Authority, charter public schools and private/parochial schools.

None of this great first year would have been possible without the leadership of Gov. Rick Snyder and the Michigan Education Excellence Foundation for funding the DSF.

We look forward to working together to create a bright future for Detroit. This newsletter is the first of our quarterly publications that will serve to inform you about important reminders and information regarding the DSF.

-The Detroit Scholarship Fund team