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Entrepreneur Opportunities for Everyone with Unity Tax Service

Detroit, MI – December 11, 2013- Unity Tax Service is launching its “The Entrepreneur in You” program; this program will empower, and encourage “Entrepreneurship” nationwide. CEO Dionciel Armstrong has developed this program to create business leaders of all ages. This opportunity will benefit individuals that would like to change or start a new career. “Financial stability and education is vital in rebuilding our economy”, said Armstrong.

“The Entrepreneur in You” program will create entrepreneurs with a focus in tax preparation, business, marketing, sales, ethics, and organization. Unity Tax Service will provide FREE tax software, training, and marketing tools. No experience is required for this opportunity, but participants must be at least 18 years of age. Armstrong strongly suggests that each church, organization, outreach program, and job placement services participate in promoting and encouraging this program to ensure job placement and entrepreneurship.

About Unity Tax Service, an African American owned company that provides Professional Tax Software, Franchise Opportunities, Entrepreneurship Programs, Continuing Education and Insurance. The company was founded by Dionciel Armstrong an entrepreneur with extensive business and marketing experience, Wynetta Sears, retired with 40+ years as an IRS engineer, and Alicia Warren, marketing background and licensed insurance agent.

Throughout the years the tax industry has continued to expand due to growth in population, employment, and the economy. The tax industry is a 7.7 billion dollar industry and every working American who is employed, self-employed, or contracted, must file their taxes each year.

Unity Tax owners understand first-hand the importance of entrepreneurship. Most people who try to start a business are discouraged through lack of training, startup-cost, marketing funds, and the necessary tools. “This is a turn-key partnership opportunity and unfortunately this type of program was not available when I started in this business”, said Armstrong.

The program is not to impose nor deflect the vision or purpose of any organization, but to empower, employ, and to provide the opportunity to grow.

For more information call 248-595-7701