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Forbes Highlights Chamber’s Business Attraction Efforts, Detroit’s Manufacturing Comeback

Detroit’s manufacturing industry is on the fast track for economic comeback, and the world is taking notice, a new Forbes article reports.

The article, “Made In Detroit: The Story Behind The Motor City’s Manufacturing Boom,” highlights how Detroit is adding manufacturing jobs and attracting new national and international companies as it reemerges economically following the Great Recession, while sharing the Detroit Regional Chamber’s role in business attraction efforts.

Forbes explores the new story of entrepreneurship and opportunity emerging from Detroit, which has added 55,000 new manufacturing jobs since 2009. Of those, 28,000 are automotive-related.

Maureen Krauss, vice president of economic development for the Chamber, attributes much of the growing investment in Detroit and Southeast Michigan to the work of the Chamber’s Business Attraction program, along with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and the Chamber’s regional partners.

Whether it is attending trade shows, courting site selectors from across the nation, or hosting trade missions in China, Germany and Italy with Gov. Rick Snyder, Krauss said she is often inundated with questions about the automotive industry’s comeback. The region’s highly-skilled manufacturing workforce, automotive excellence and existing supply chain are key elements of the business attraction pitch to manufacturers and investors looking for an ideal site to grow their operations and compete in the global economy.

“When these companies hear about Detroit, they hear the region. They aren’t looking at borders between communities. They view all of Southeast Michigan and they are very curious about what’s going to happen here next.”

That’s why, Krauss said, it’s important to continue to market the region with one unified voice, develop a cohesive message and continue to invite foreign investors to explore Detroit’s comeback in person.

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