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Four Ways the Chamber’s Membership Maximizer Can Benefit Your Business

The Detroit Regional Chamber is committed to ensuring Chamber members get the most out of their membership. One of the best ways to do so is by attending the Membership Maximizer event. Attendees receive a crash course on membership benefits while networking with staff and other Chamber members.

While there are many benefits to attending, here are the top four ways the Membership Maximizer can help your business succeed.

  1. Increase Visibility for Your Brand
    Learn how to utilize the Chamber’s robust social media network and its exclusive publications to increase visibility for your brand. Members will also learn how to submit news and announcements to the Member News section of the Chamber website to promote among Chamber members, the business community, and consideration for inclusion in the Detroiter magazine.
  2. Get Involved in Chamber Events and Initiatives
    The Chamber leads a number of initiatives and events that benefit regional businesses, but deciding what to attend can be cumbersome. Membership Maximizer’s are the perfect opportunity to hear from Chamber staff, who can offer insight into which events and initiatives would most benefit your business.
  3. Meet the Chamber Team
    Chamber members have access to a team that is dedicated to providing regional businesses the resources they need to succeed. Chamber representatives can help with anything from amplifying a company’s marketing, to answering logistical event questions, to advocating for business-friendly policies. The Chamber is committed to protecting the business environment and growing the region’s economy.
  4. Build Business Partnerships in a Casual Setting
    Membership Maximizers offer ample opportunity for attendees to network with other members in some of the region’s hottest spaces. Attendees can make connections with each other while learning about and engaging with the important issues and conversations that are affecting the region.

Register for the upcoming Membership Maximizer on Wednesday, June 13 to take advantage of these benefits and more.