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Get a Global and Local View into the Trends, Developments, and Opportunities in the Cannabis Industry on Dec. 15

Gain valuable insight into the current and future landscape of the cannabis industry at the first Cannabis Live Global Summit on Wednesday, Dec. 15. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn, network, and virtually connect with over 17,000 attendees, 30 panel hosts, and 50 panelists from more than 77 countries, all with various backgrounds, including entrepreneurs, investors, professionals, government officials, and health professionals care workers, academics, and consumers

The summit will feature one-on-one video networking, virtual booths, main stage segments, and breakout segments. It will also be conducted in several languages.

The schedule will be separated into core regions, allowing participants to choose which countries’ cannabis industry to learn about, including their trends, developments, and opportunities. 

The summit will start with a global welcome at 7 a.m. EST. North and South Asia will be the first region discussed at 8 a.m.; the Middle East, 9 a.m.; Europe, 10 a.m.; Africa, noon; Northern North America (Canada), 1 p.m.; Eastern North America, including Michigan, 2 p.m.; Latin America, 4 p.m.; the Caribbean, 5 p.m.; Central and Mountain North America, 6 p.m.; Pacific North America, 8 p.m.; Oceania; 9 p.m.; Eastern Asia, 10 p.m. 
Find out which region each state or country falls into here.

Tickets to attend Cannabis Live Global Summit are available on prices are currently on sale, starting at $97. Learn more about the ticket options here. To access the free introduction only, secure a ticket here.