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Glenn Stevens Honored by Global Detroit

Glenn Stevens, Executive Director of MICHauto and the Detroit Regional Chamber’s vice president of automotive and mobility initiatives is being recognized on September 20, by Global Detroit with the Global Detroit Champion Award. View his feature below:

Stevens likes to emphasize that the biggest challenge to keeping Michigan at the forefront of the emerging technologies is talent, and research backs up his statement.

“We believe that Michigan and our AutoMobility industry offers people who are born here or come here from all parts of the world to live and work, an opportunity to be part of a dynamic and high-tech growth ecosystem.”

Stevens is at the forefront of promoting, retaining, and growing the automotive and next generation mobility industries in Michigan. He stressed that people can find work in the automotive industry that is as high tech, global, consumer focused, and growth oriented as Google and Apple. Those jobs are right here in Michigan.

“Our team has a wholistic approach when working on the talent pipeline. The retention of youth in our state, and a strong education system are both essential,” he said. They also look to veterans, retraining programs, and attracting people from other parts of the country. He went on to explain it is absolutely critical to also attract New Americans to live, work, and play in our state.

The history of the auto industry is rich with stories of immigrants who travelled to Detroit to find work in the factories. “Like our country, this state and particularly our auto industry was built on the minds and backs of people from other countries. It was and is absolutely critical to our economy.”

Stevens said that from the day he was exposed to Global Detroit’s work, it was very clear that they have not only made a significant impact to this point, but they are going to play an absolutely essential role in building human capital needed for economic growth and opportunity in Michigan.

“I come from a family of immigrants who settled in the Upper Peninsula’s Copper Country, and in Detroit.  They came here for opportunity and to build a life. Global Detroit is firmly founded in helping to provide those same things for people of all walks of life and nationalities. That’s why I believe in the importance of the work Global Detroit does. To be recognized by an organization that does that means an awful lot to me. Our future depends on immigrants.”

Glenn Stevens will be honored with the Global Detroit Champion Award on Thursday, September 20 when Global Detroit hosts its third annual fundraiser at the N’namdi Gallery in Midtown to celebrate eight years of Immigrant Innovation. The event is from 5:30 – 8 pm. Ticket prices are $125 and can be purchased by going to or by sending a check written to Global Detroit to 4444 Second Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201.