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GM President Dan Ammann: Michigan Must Lead in Next-Generation Mobility Era

General Motors President Dan Ammann called on state lawmakers to pass legislation proposed by Sen. Mike Kowall, (R-White Lake), which would help expand Michigan’s leadership in autonomous vehicle testing. The legislation would allow manufacturers to create and sell connected and autonomous cars and could clear the way for their use on state roadways.

“This legislation could be a game-changer for Michigan,” Ammann said. “We feel very strongly that Michigan can and should be at the forefront of mobility development.”

Ammann said connected vehicles and innovative next-generation mobility technology is reshaping the auto industry. If Michigan hopes to remain a leader in that space, auto leaders and lawmakers must work together to create policy that would help Michigan  stay nimble and adapt to the rapidly changing global market.

Ammann said by 2030, half of the vehicles on roadways will be highly autonomous and 20 percent will be fully autonomous. That offers new opportunities to foster talent and job creation in the state.

“This is the state that put the world on wheels and by working together, we can have the same impact we had over 100 years ago,” he said.

Referencing GM’s $500-million investment in ride-sharing company Lyft, as well as investments in ride-hailing and automated-driving technology, Ammann said the automaker is taking necessary steps to position itself for long-term growth, especially as customer preference shifts to transportation as a service.

“In the urban markets in particular, people will want the convenience of having a car available, but without all the hassle of ownership,” he said, adding that on average a new car is only used five percent of the time by the customer.

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