2015 Health Care
Leaders Forum

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You can view all of the sessions from the Health Care Leaders Forum on the Detroit Regional Chamber YouTube channel.

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Full Video: Mark McClellan Keynote

Mark McClellan, director of health care innovation and value initiative and senior fellow at the Brookings Institution addresses the current health care setting, how well the country is doing regarding access to care, quality and cost, primary care trends, and how to improve health care beyond the Affordable Care Act (ACA). View the full video on Youtube.

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The Health Future for Business and Consumers
More than 200 attendees filled the Detroit Regional Chamber’s 2015 Health Care Leaders Forum on Tuesday, March 31 at the Detroit branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

Among regional and national health care thought leaders at the Forum, Gov. Rick Snyder delivered a keynote address, sharing his vision for a healthier Michigan.

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Snyder said that the state must take a more holistic approach to health care in order for residents to be more successful. Addressing the challenges of the federal government’s Affordable Care Act regulations, Snyder admitted that Michigan must continue to improve cost, quality and access to health care while also calling on Michiganders to take ownership of their own wellness and preventative care. The Governor also encouraged residents to work together to identify and help solve problems within the health care system.

Other keynote speakers at the Forum included Jan Berger, president and CEO of Health Intelligence Partners; Dee Edington, founder and chairman of Edington Associates LLC.; Richard Gilfillan, president of Trinity Health; and Mark McClellan, director of the Health Care Innovation and Value Initiative and senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.

You can view full sessions from the Forum or photos from the event.