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Health Care and Automotive: A Match Made in Innovation

By: Megan Lasley

As technology is ever-evolving, so is the automotive industry and furthermore, so is health care. During Forward Detroit’s Investor Briefing: Health Care’s Transformation and Innovation hosted by the Detroit Regional Chamber on April 26, panelists focused on the synergy between the industries and how much Michigan can stay ahead of the curve. Speakers included Dean Brody, Accenture managing partner; Jennifer Dukarski, shareholder for emerging technology, intellectual property and media at Butzel Long; Philip Hessburg, doctor of ophthalmology at Henry Ford Health System; Jaideep Rajput, director of  commercialization for Beaumont Health; and Taryn Simon, director of Henry Ford Innovations at Henry Ford Health System. The panel was moderated by Jonathan So, senior director of Health Care Initiatives at the Chamber.

“Health care is the largest employer in Michigan, accounting for more than 300,000 employees,” So said. “Our region is more than just automotive, health care is one of our core competencies.”

Key Takeaways:

  • The region provides strong assets that surround the innovation and transformation in health care, including access to CEOs, world-class educational institutions, community development, and a shared mission among health care systems.
  • Collaboration is key to achieving health care goals in the region.
  • Disruptive technology offers numerous opportunities for the future of not only health care but Michigan’s leading industries (i.e. automotive, manufacturing, information technology)
  • The future of health care could mean patients can be treated at home via telecommunications.
  • There are direct parallels between the health care and automotive industries, regarding technology implementation and how the data is used.

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