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HELLA further expands its positioning as a leading supplier of steering control modules

Scalable fail-operational modules from HELLA pave the way for automated driving functions

Lippstadt, July 23, 2019. In the last twelve months, the lighting and electronics expert HELLA has been able to acquire important new business in the area of steering control modules. On this foundation, the company is further expanding its position as major supplier of steering control modules. Especially demand for modules for semi-automated driving (from Level 2 of driving automation) increased. Around half of all new orders are for these kinds of modules now. “We are offering our customers a scalable product – from Built-to-Print products to the fully assembled modules,” says Frédéric Laure, Vice President Head of Program Management Steering at HELLA. This customized approach allows HELLA to already develop steering systems which are suitable for highly automated driving according to Level 4 today.

HELLA has been producing steering control modules (Electronic Control Units, ECUs) since 2010. These not only form the basis for electrical power steering (EPS) and fuel efficiency, but also enable functions for automated driving, such as lane keeping assistance and automated parking. According to the definition of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), Level 4 (highly automated driving) does not require driver interaction in certain scenarios. The HELLA control modules are available in a fail-operational version to address these application scenarios. This means that in the event of a fault in the electronics, the system is not switched off, but the power steering assistance continues to function. “A reliable fail-operational control unit is essential to meet requirements in the field of automated driving in the future. In this respect, HELLA is already well positioned today,” says Ralf Kuhl, Head of Product Center Electric Power Steering at HELLA.

The control unit in the fail-operational version also enables the implementation of steer-by-wire systems, in which the transmission of steering commands takes place by means of electrical impulses instead of a steering rod. This enables several functions such as a retractable steering wheel during automated driving mode. But other individualization functions are also possible. For example, the steering behavior could be individually adjusted to meet the driver’s preferences.

HELLA has further expanded its production capacities this year in order to fulfil the increasing customer requirements even faster. HELLA intends to produce the steering control modules not only in Germany and China, but also in Romania, Mexico, Brazil and India.