How Businesses Are Supporting The #MaskUpMichigan Pledge

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Chamber Board of Directors Shows Support of #MaskUpMichigan to Keep Businesses Open

Since mid-summer, the Chamber has championed the need to #MaskUpMichigan to keep businesses open. With COVID-19 cases steadily rising it is more important than ever to continue to mask up. To keep the message going, the Chamber recruited business leaders to share their commitment to masking up. Their commitment included sharing the business or industry they personally mask up for and hope to keep open. View the growing gallery of supporters below, and share your own photo and the business you want to keep open on social media, tagging the Chamber and #MaskUpMichigan. This effort launched in December and will continue into 2021. #MaskUpMichigan

How Businesses Are Masking Up to Stay Safe and Stay Open

Wacker Chemical Corporation: ‘We Must Stay Safe, Be Patient, and Stand Together’

Ghafari: Masking Up Key to Welcoming Back Employees

Doerken: Masking Up is a Small Contribution That Makes a Big Difference

The Henry Ford: Committing to #MaskUpMichigan is ‘The Right Thing to Do’

Fifth Third Bank: Striving to Keep Our Customers at the Center of What We Do, Safely

Miller Canfield: We Want Our Businesses to Be Safe, to Stay Open for Economic Health

Grand Hotel: Our Team Is Here to Serve Everyone Safely, #MaskUpMichigan

HELLA: We Have To Be in This Together #MaskUpMichigan