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How to Print an Invoice

Member companies can print invoices from membership dues, event registrations, investments or sponsorships.

1. Log in to the Member PortalVisit the Company Invoices page or copy and paste the following URL into your browser:

You will be asked to log in and will then be redirected to the invoice page. After logging in, you can also access the page by selecting Company Invoices under the My Account menu item. To see and print your individual invoices (for event registrations or other purchases you made) you can view the My Invoices page.

2. Choose the Invoice to Print

Invoices are divided into four categories:

  • Outstanding
  • Memberships
  • Investments
  • Sponsorship/Advertising

Outstanding invoices have not been paid and should be paid immediately. For help with paying invoices, visit the How to Pay an Invoice page. Please note, if you wish to print an outstanding invoice, you will need to locate it in the Memberships, Investments or Sponsorship/Advertising section.

Memberships are member dues, Investments are Forward Detroit investments and Sponsorship/Advertising is any event/initiative sponsorship or Detroiter magazine advertisement.

You can view and print all invoices from the past 18 months.

Select an invoice to print by clicking on its row. The invoice selected will then turn blue. Then, select the Print button above your selection. If you try to print without selecting an invoice, the page will reload.

company-invoice-print example

3. Print Your InvoiceAfter selecting Print, your invoice will display on the screen. The page is printer-friendly and should print cleanly on one page. Select the Print button in the bottom right corner of the page to print.

print invoice sample blur

Looking to pay an invoice? Check out the How to Pay an Invoice tutorial for instructions.