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Hurdles to Improve Wellness

April 1, 2019
From urban farms to advancements in mobility, Southeast Michigan is on a steady path to improve its overall well-being. However, statistics in food access, financial security, and transit find that communities require further development.

A 2017 report by the Detroit Food Policy Council and Detroit Health Department stated that, although physical environments are often the focus for improving food access, social environments have a significant impact on health. For example, an important aspect of a healthy food system is good paying jobs.

From difficult economic conditions to child care costs, the financial landscape for Michigan families requires change. Metrics, tools, and policy shifts, from the Michigan Association of United Ways and other organizations in the region, can help residents who are struggling to make ends meet.

On the transit front, Detroit lacks a cohesive transportation system. However, organizations like Transportation Riders United are working to improve transit in metro Detroit in order to “restore urban vitality, ensure transportation equity, and advance quality of life.” Cultivating improvements in areas like food access, financial security, and transit can drive the region closer toward individual and community-wide prosperity.